Clear Plastic Empty Container for Refill Wax Beads- 1 Gallon/ 8.3 lbs.

Reference: SKU012314


-Thin and tall space efficient container with handle, stacable
-Fits 8 lb of wax beads (approx 3.7 bags of 2.2 lb)
-Made from FDA approved food grade clear plastic
-Dimension: 7-7/8" L x 5-7/8" W x 8-3/16" H 
-Made in USA

This thin and tall space efficient container with handle is perfect for storing wax beads. The container has a reclosable easy access lid that makes it easy to refill  the heaters. You can stack up to 3 containers.

Directions: With a quick zip of the tear tab and pull strip, the hinged cover opens easily. Easy to open and reseal to retain product freshness. Simply pull the tamper evident tear strip allowing access to the built-in hinge. Then grab the lid firmly and pull up.

ATTENTION: Wax beads in the picture are for presenting the product and are not included

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